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Pure and Simple Solutions

Putty DBM 100% Human

H-Genin Putty

Putty DBM Concentration 100% Human

·       No carrier

·       Moldable

·       Resistant to irrigation

·       Stored at room temperature

Putty: Pure DBM paste packaged in a syringe—the putty is moldable, resists irrigation, and provides the maximum amount of DBM.



Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) contains a variety of biologically active bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs), which are among the osteoinductive components of bone. The BMPs promote mesenchymal cells differentiation into chondrocytes and osteoblasts, leading to new bone formation. More than 20 BMPs (including BMP-2 and BMP-7) have so far been identified in human allograft bone tissue.


Available sizes:

                                                    0.5 cc 

                               1.0 cc   

                               2.5 cc  

                               5.0 cc

                             10.0 cc

H-Genin Crush Mix 

Putty DBM Concentration 100% Human




Crush Mix: Pure DBM paste mixed with cancellous crush and packaged in a syringe - the crush mix provides an excellent combination of DBM with osteoconductive materials. The mix is optimized for handling characteristics and resists irrigation.



The cortico-cancellous bone chips in the DBM crush mix provide an osteoconductive scaffold for bone growth. When mixed with fresh bone marrow aspirate or autograft from the patient, the putty and crush mix become osteogenic.

Available Sizes:

                             1.0 cc              

                             2.5 cc