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Collagen Membranes


Absorbable Collagen Membranes

Provides wound stabilization and creates space during guided tissue regeneration procedures where a longer absorption rate is desired.  The product is easy to use and has excellent handling characteristics. The membrane is very pliable and does not become slippery when hydrated, making it easier for clinicians to properly place the membrane over the defect.



       Collagen membrane is absorbed in 4 to 8 weeks


            62-203                    15 mm X 20 mm                                                     

            62-204                    20 mm X 30 mm                                                

            62-205                    30 mm X 40 mm       



       HeliMend™ Advanced            

       Collagen membrane is absorbed in 18 weeks.


           62-206                     15 mm X 20 mm   

           62-207                     20 mm X 30 mm 

           62-208                     30 mm X 40 mm  


Non-Resorbable Membranes



Cytoflex® Tefguard is a non-resorbable membrane for use as a space-making barrier in guided tissue regeneration procedures.  Composed of a proprietary micro porous polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) thin film, Cytoflex Tefguard has a surface texture and porosity suitable for adhesion of host cells to the material while preventing passage and integration of bacteria within the interstices of the material.


  • Excellent handling, rigidity and easily adaptable.
  • Easily retrieved as one piece.
  • Resists fibroblasts and bacteria penetration.
  • Better host tissue attachment with fewer flap dehiscences.

  • Facilitates tissue regeneration despite flap recessions, or  incomplete primary closure.



25x30mm                             0.2mm  thick       

12x24mm                             0.2mm  thick     




25x30mm                             0.2mm   thick       

12x24mm                            0.2mm   thick