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Pain Relief Without Numbness 

  • Consists entirely of natural food (all plant) ingredients.
  • Adheres to and protects injured tissues.
  • Provides immediate pain relief without the unwanted numb sensation of anesthetics.
  • Send home with patient.
  • Use as often as needed for immediate and safe pain relief.

SockIt! is a hydrogel wound dressing approved by FDA for management of any and all oral wounds. SockIt! is applied directly to extraction sites, mucosal ulcers, lesions and all injuries to the mouth. After professional application in the office, it is sent home with the patient to use as often as needed for safe, continuous pain relief and wound management.

Patients report hours of post-extraction pain relief with reduced (or no) need for prescription narcotics. Oral surgeons report a significant reduction in post-operative complications. SockIt! is also ideal for immediate dentures (place directly in denture).

This unique product contains no drugs; it consists of 100% natural food (all plant) ingredients. The gel contains beta-linked acetylated mannans and a combination of essential oils. Most ingredients are at concentrations a small fraction of that found in the food source, and no ingredient exceeds the concentration of the food source.

Several major insurance companies have reimbursed for use of SockIt! gel.